Streamline harvest registration


Printing business card


Automatic register reading


Harvest yield

Agri makes it quick and easy to register your harvest.

How does it work?


Device configuration

We make your work easier with the automatic harvesting mode.

To use it you can connect and configure the following devices:

- QR gun or smartphone

- Electronic scales

- QR printer


Connect the devices to the equipment

From the Agri system you will be able to link the different devices to take advantage of all the functionalities offered by the harvesting module.


Log in to Agri

Log in on any internet-connected browser and/or the app installed on your mobile device.


Enter the registration module - harvest control

From this module you will be able to generate and print the codes, which you can scan to facilitate the registration of the harvest.


Offline Mode

You can also use our Agri system without an internet connection, the data entered will be updated once you are back online on your device.

Get to know the module "Harvest and yield control of quarters" of the Agri system.


Measure the productivity of your crops and farm, know in detail the products entering the warehouse.


"Automated harvesting: efficiency and agility".